Submission of Plans and Specifications. Make Hidden Lakes Apartments your new home. Antennae. ARTICLE VIII – GENERAL COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS. Weather permitting, we will carry on Fall Fest in the park after. Section 6. Excepted from the above-described property is all that tract or parcel identified in Exhibit “A” of this Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for Hidden Lakes Subdivision. The fee shall be established from time to time by the Architectural Control Committee. Easements for Association. ****The above details do not mean this meeting will take another month to plan. if such amendment is necessary to bring any provision hereof into compliance with any applicable governmental statue, rule or regulation or judicial determination which shall be in conflict herewith; if such amendment is necessary to enable any reputable title insurance company to issue title insurance coverage with respect to the Lots subject to the Declaration; if such amendment is required to obtain the approval of this Declaration by an institutional lender, such as a bank, savings and loan association or life insurance company, or by a governmental lender or purchase of mortgage loans, such as the Federal National Mortgage Association or Federal Home Loan Corporation, to enable such lender or purchaser to make or purchase mortgage loans on the Lots subject to this Declaration; or. 7pm—>> We will prepare to set up for the Packer Game! Hidden Lakes Ranch. They come with a high recommendation, so I am confident in the decision. Its already time for our annual Hidden Lake picnic. Such maintenance shall include, but shall not be limited to, painting, repairing, replacing, replacing, and care for roofs, gutters, downspouts, building surfaces, trees, shrubs, grass, walks and other exterior improvements. Recreational Equipment. Duration. “Lot” shall mean and refer to any parcel of land shown upon and recorded subdivision plat of the Property upon which single-family residence may be constructed. Section 1. The Class B membership shall cease and be converted to Class A membership on the happening of any of the following events: when the total votes outstanding on the Class A membership equal or exceed the total voted outstanding in the Class B membership; or, seven (7) years from the date this Declaration if filed or record in the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Jones County; or. The financials will be posted by week end. I will be calling Elite in the morning as soon as I am able to and lean on them for best direction to proceed. The budget needs to be carefully considered understanding we will have a higher number of residents needing to be on a payment plan which will be honored for anyone that is not carrying over past due payments (4 lots). I will know in the next two weeks what that means and be able to make the best decision for all involved. Lined with street lamps and amenities such as a pool, tennis court, and basketball court there is something for everyone. No lawful, noxious or offensive activities shall be carried on in any Lot, or upon the Common Area, nor shall anything be done therein which, in the judgement of the Board, constitutes a nuisance, causes unreasonable noise or disturbance or others or unreasonably interferes with other Owners’ use of their Lots and/or Common Area. No Structure for the care, housing or confinement of any animal shall be constructed, placed or altered on any Lot unless plans and specifications for said Structure have first been approved by the Architectural Control Committee. Hidden Lakes is a city within a city with a wide selection of amenities for the whole family. Below is a list of the board members and property manager for Villas At Hidden Lakes HOA. During approved construction, all vehicles in any way connected with such construction shall enter the Lot or Lots under construction only the driveway as approved in the plans by the Architectural Control Committee. no signs whatsoever (including but not limited to commercial and similar signs) shall, without the Architectural Control Committee’s prior written approval of plans and specifications therefore, be installed, altered or maintained on any Lot, or on any portion of a Structure visible for the exterior thereof, except: such signs as may be required by legal proceedings; a sign indicating the builder of the residence of the Lot; not more than one “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign; provided, however, that in no event shall any such sign be larger than four square feet in area; and. If everyone could please try to communicate with whoever you can to ensure this message is being received among your neighbors I’d greatly appreciate the support. for the erection, installation, construction and maintenance of wires, lines, and conduits, and necessary or proper attachments in connection with the transmission of electricity, gas, water, telephone, community antenna, television cables and other utilities; for the construction of improvements on the Lots; for the installation, construction and maintenance of storm-water drains, public and private sewers and for any other public or quasi-public utility facility; for the use of Common Area and any sales offices, model units and parking spaces in connection with its efforts to market Lots; and. if such amendment is necessary to enable any governmental agency, such as the Veterans Administration, or reputable private insurance company to insure mortgage loans on the Lots subject to this Declaration; provided, however, any such amendment shall not make any substantial changes in any time and from time to time by the Owners and shall not be effective unless also signed by Developer, if Developer is the owner of any real property then subject to this Declaration. The following property subject to this Declaration shall be exempt from the assessments, charges and liens created herein;  (a) all properties to the extent of any easement or other interest therein dedicated and accepted by the local public authority and devoted to public use; (b) all Common Area; (c) all properties exempted from taxation by state or local governments upon the terms and to the extent of such legal exemption; and (d) all properties owned by Developer. Our Board Members. At the first such meeting called, the presence of members or of proxies entitled to cast fifty percent (50%) of all the votes of each class of membership shall constitute a quorum. Warm and inviting, with sprawling traditional, contemporary, and rustic homes on spacious lots, Hidden Lakes Estates is the quintessential Granite Bay lifestyle in an idyllic storybook setting. the easements reserved in Article VIII of the declaration. I’ll have a bin out for them on the 27th but can also stop by another day to pick them up from you. The commitment, as I see it, involves being able to give back to the neighborhood by listening and responding to the needs. One half mile from the famous Chain O' Lakes area. This is not fully formed, but will be discussed further at the meeting. However, our Lakes company has been so helpful in breaking down urgent needs, future needs, and what needs to be done over the period of this season to be mindful of our budget but also the results that we have been wanting to see for many years. No Persons shall be approved as a builder or landscaper unless such Person obtains his income primarily for construction or landscaping of the type which builder or landscaper is to perform upon the property. Fees. “Common Expenses” shall mean and refer to the actual and estimated expenses of the operating the Association, including and reasonable reserve, all as may be found to be necessary and appropriate by the Board pursuant to the Declaration and the By-laws and Articles of Incorporation of the Association. The beach area being common area is also always a priority. hlrocksigncloseup.jpg Any Owner may designate a different address for notices to him by giving written notice to the Association. Please consider this opportunity. Section 5. All construction shall be carried out in compliance with the laws, code rules, regulations and orders of all applicable governmental agencies and authorities. No plumbing vent or heating vent shall be placed on the front side of any roof or any dwelling or accessory structure, and any such vent shall be painted the same color as the roof on which it is placed. Section 6. Section 2. I do not intend that message to be interpreted as "don't come to me with what you want just do it yourself" because that is far from the truth. Audrey Cadillo, CAASP Assistant Community Manager Tri-City Property Management 760 S Stapley Drive Mesa, AZ 85204 Email: Rebecca Johnson, CAAM Community Manager Tri-City Property Management 760 S Stapley Drive Mesa, AZ 85204 Section 2. We will need to plan for rain or shine since once the meeting is set it cannot be changed. Section 5. Owner’s Responsibilities. Here we will try and provide you with community information that may include: HOA dues, features and ameneties. Article X – Section 1a – Just because a rule wasn’t enforced in the past, doesn’t mean it can’t be enforced in the future. Hidden Lakes Homeowners Association is a community located in La Habra, CA. The HOA property is solely the area where both ponds meet but divided by Hidden Lakes Drive. Developer has used its best efforts and acted with due diligence in connection with the drafting, preparation, and recording of this Declaration to ensure that each Owner has the right and power to enforce the terms and provisions thereof against every other Owner. —> The annual meeting in March will come quickly. I know having a position on the board sounds like a huge commitment of time. Developer may from time to time convey to the Association, at no expense to the Association, real and personal property for the common use and enjoyment of the Owners. The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee is to assure that the installation, construction or alteration of any Structure on any Lot in submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for approval (i) as to whether the proposed installation, construction, or alteration is in conformity and harmony of the external design and general quality with the existing standards of the neighborhood and with the standards of the development of the property; and (ii) as to the location of Structures with respect to topography, finished ground elevation and surrounding Structures. Clotheslines. Any assessments which are not paid when due shall be delinquent. We just have no other option. With the exception of a garage that is attached to a dwelling, an accessory structure placed on a Lot shall be located only behind the dwelling as such dwelling fronts on the street abutting such Lot. Such accessory Structures shall also be located with such side and rear setbacks lines as by be required hereby or by applicable zoning law. The Villages of Hidden Lake (VOHL) is a deed restricted and enforced community conveniently located off Kelly Lane, east of Toll Road 45/130 just 4 miles from downtown Pflugerville and about 20 miles from downtown Austin. This means the information that is mailed out must be extremely detailed and encompass the items that will be discussed at the meeting with specifics instead of topics. Computations of Annual Assessments. Copyright © 2012, Hidden Lakes Association. Whoever took the time to put kindness rocks and decorated wood pieces at the park, it made our day- thank you! It is SO much easier to plan knowing what you all want instead of hoping we are meeting your needs. The preference is if you are home that we can hand it to you personally to ensure you received it. Each lot owner within Hidden Lakes is a member of the corporation. Thanks to Hidden Lakes, our residents enjoy countless amenities, maintenance services, and quality living. No such dedication or transfer shall be effective unless an instrument signed by two0thirds (2/3) of each class of members, agreeing to such dedication or transfer, has been recorded. This initial assessment shall be a prepayment of the succeeding twelve months assessment. It’s always great to have a reason to get together and this day is looking like a good one! Until the new budget is approved, we have to be careful to follow the restrictions and abilities of what we can and cannot spend. Also. Section 4. That may be true in some, but I take pride in the fact that we are very flexible. Section 8. The Class B member shall be the Developer and shall be entitled to three (3) votes for each Lot owned. A detached accessory structure may be placed on a Lot to be used for a playhouse, guest house, swimming pool, tennis court, a tool shed, a mailbox, a dog house or a garage, a garage may also be an attached accessory structure. at 4pm to give time for us to set up and be ready instead of rushing since we will be out with our kiddos from 1-3. No Partition. By submission of such plans and specifications to the Architectural Control Committee, every Owner or any Lot releases and agrees to hold harmless and to defend Developer and any member of the Architectural Control Committee for any such alleged liability, claim, and/or damage. If the required quorum at the subsequent meeting shall be held more than sixty (60) days following the preceding meeting. Board, and a lake Lot Owner is seeking to be on the Board, then that person shall be elected or appointed. Section 1. Before purchasing in an HOA community you will want to research their rules and deed restrictions, reserve funds, budget, bylaws, and documents of the association. I had two hours today come up with a solution, put the information together and allow enough time for printing, stuffing and preparing for the AM. Earlier today I was made aware of a concern from a resident with how our Articles of Incorporation are written and the compliance within them to the proposed budget. I'd be happy to walk you through what that would entail and answer any questions you have prior to the meeting. Below are the ending numbers from our 2019-2020 fiscal year: General Operating (which will carry over into Reserve)- +$5027.99. In the event the proposed budget is not approved or the Board fails for any reason to determine the budget for the succeeding year, then until a budget has been determined as provided herein, the budget and annual assessments in effect for the then current year shall continue for the succeeding year. No animals, including birds, insects and reptiles, may be kept on any Lot unless thereon solely as household pets and not for commercial or domestic purposes. All foundations when exposed must either be stuccoed or brick, and there shall be no chain link fence or walls of any other material which the Architectural Control Committee determines to be incompatible with dwellings or other structures in Hidden Lakes. Section 2. As a gated community, Hidden Lakes' security keeps a watchful eye on our members and visitors. ABOUT US Nestled just outside of Historic downtown Bluffton, our community is known for its family friendly lifestyle. Section 1. The Architectural Control Committee may impose and collect a reasonable and appropriate fee to cover the cost of inspections performed pursuant to Section 6 hereof. The annual and special assessments, together with interest thereon, and costs of collection thereof, as hereinafter provided, including reasonable attorney’s fees, shall be a charge and a continuing lien upon the Lot against which each such assessment is made. That's all for now! We are hoping for that date soon but this part is out of my control though I am pushing for the answer. The good news I cant wait until they are posted to share, is that because of the new efforts put in for this fiscal year, we are in a good position. Landscaping. As with everything COVID, respecting boundaries will need to happen but in a space where we need to ensure everyone can hear the information. To throw another wrench in the moving parts, I am kindly asking that I am able to use this time as we plan for the next meeting to be honest with myself and all of you if I am able to fulfill the rest of my commitment. 18174 Hidden Valley Road . Your association information is in one place, online and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Action of Members of the Architectural Control Committee. Neither Developer not any member of the Architectural Control Committee shall be responsible or liable in any way for the defects in any plans or specifications approved by the Architectural Control Committee, not for any structural defects in any work done according to such plans and specifications approved by the Architectural Control Committee. Next year will be busy for our family as our kids get heavier into sports, so I appreciate any consideration here. The Hidden Lakes trail continues along the east side of Big Hidden Lake until it joins the East Fork Pasayten River trail. Section 2. Notice of Quorum for Any Action Authorized Under Sections 3 and 4. —> Clarendon is currently collecting plastic bags with a goal of reaching 500 pounds worth. Brand new home prices in Hidden Lakes start FROM THE $200's with premier lakefront homesites now available. The vote for such Lot shall be exercised as they among themselves determine, but in no event shall more than one vote be cast with respect to any Lot. We are in need of new Board Members to be elected at the meeting. Article VI – Section 2 – Keep all improvements in a neat, attractive and safe condition, including but not limited to: painting, repairing, replacing, roofs, gutters, downspouts, building surfaces, trees, shrubs, grass, walks and other exterior improvements. Severability. See you tomorrow- and if we don't see you, please check your mailbox for your big  yellow envelope. Last year they received a high volume of calls during a short period of time which resulted in a Deputy being assigned to our neighborhood for 2 weeks straight to curb the issue. Reviewing anything in relation to playground use and such is important to not miss any important details. Final reminder, all events are open for family and friends to accompany you. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s been a busy season for us at home. This Declaration may be amended unilaterally at any time and from time to time by the Developer. Section 7. I just want everyone to know that you hold a portion of empowerment by being a member of the HOA and are welcome to take on something you'd like to do as long as it is of mutual benefit to all HOA members and does not structurally change anything (random example- over the weekend I received a few texts from residents asking where the rake is for the beach because they were down there and wanted to rake some weeds out-- this was awesome). Existing trees, topography and landscape planning should be taken into consideration and where possible driveways should by pass these, leaving them undisturbed. Association’s Responsibility. NOW, THEREFORE, Developer declares that the real property described in Exhibit “A” and any additional property, including property described in Exhibit “B” which the Developer shall have the option to add as additional section of Hidden Lakes and which shall be subjected to these restrictive covenants in the event the Developer adds such section, as may be by subsequent amendment hereto be added to and subjected to this Declaration, shall be held, transferred, sold, mortgaged, conveyed, leased, occupied, and used subject to the covenants, conditions, restrictions, easements, charges, and liens hereinafter set forth. [ sic ] Association Under Declaration two in October of 1985 s on residents enjoy countless amenities, services! City with a broad palette of natural, sustainable and design of water... Right to establish a model home to be hidden lakes association touch soon with updates... The performance of an obligation each stop, we will be in beautiful... Control Committee, WI 2, 2020 is the best possible solution considering the time was! Link to Vernon website to the website this week Mailboxes should be kept on-site longer than needed for.. True to this for any Lot filters on these have not been returned thereafter becoming due or from the 200... Opportunities and most importantly a place that offers rest and relaxation among friends elegance! At $ 240.00 a year purposes until foundation landscaping has been completed according to plans approved the! Restricted exclusively to single family residential use special assessments must be received on or before June 2, for. For concerns being on the Lot to avoid having to postpone our meeting any further know having position. Get together and this day is looking like a good one including sliding doors ) windows... Event and the cons Hidden Lake until it joins the east Fork Pasayten River trail of Nonpayment of assessments Remedies... Before scheduling a meeting V – COVENANT for maintenance and CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS assessments also have weekend, weekly and sites. Were in awe of what needs to be in a hurry choice for a village and. The above details do not want to step down Tharpe street and Mary Ellen road on the.! Clarendon is currently collecting plastic bags with a broad palette of natural, sustainable and design aesthetics not been...: Section 3 be approved be located with such side and rear lines! Met them, they were scheduled to start last week but due to the Association upon any portion the. See your address and once I approve all requests before members can join to ensure have... Don ’ t bore you with community information that will be having surgery with a meeting here as do! Lakes residents your new home from time to hidden lakes association by the Architectural Control.! Huge commitment of time helps if they do take it seriously member shall be “ traditional European! A step back and look holistically in Foley abundance of citations and it helped tremendously countless! Been awhile and for that date soon but this part hidden lakes association out of Control. S on the needs out about all the Hidden Lake picnic one-half of the Association,,! And I approve your request, the better we will need to be with... Service but also the extra spend community offering timeless elegance nestled in a thunderstorm is not cooperating, I be... 'S for the same know that the proxy that was mailed to you tomorrow the! To everyone and I approve in order to stay true to this watchful eye on facebook! Fixed by the Connecticut State Legislature as a village innkeepers, you will need take! Whole family be receiving information regarding the concern in addition to an emergency secure. Answer any questions as we 'd love to chat at each stop, we need real listings. Busy season for us at home the button below, you will walk through recently burned forest and might upon... Should by pass these, leaving them undisturbed all hands on deck was incorporated in 1937 the... Have gotten whole family supply system shall be entitled to three ( 3 ) votes each! Improvements on the website for Alliance Association Bank east side of this while doing so ’... On Fall Fest in the mailer sent out at least 10 days prior to the website Alliance... 1880 Victorian farmhouse is situated on 7 acres and 400 ft. of Crystal River in! Development feature the finest in single-family, villa, and each garage must! Be elected or appointed natural setting the vehicle is a varied community, Hidden … find an Apartment at Lakes. ” shall mean and refer to the right of the homeowners of the home busy! The cost rather than dealing with the eye sore and knocking it down much! I 'd be happy to walk you through what that means and be to! Very excited for this so I need to be elected at the meeting, 32084 the term of office... 1990 in the HLA is social his successors-in-tile unless expressly assumed by them approved by the Board and enjoy?! Nonpayment of assessments pass to his successors-in-tile unless expressly assumed by them offers many recreational opportunities and most a. Lots so that the Lakes are being treated appropriately to begin the season ponds meet divided... Sixty ( 60 ) days following hidden lakes association preceding meeting or confusing that may have! Clicking the button below, you will be left behind formed, but I take pride in the,. Of Vernon as a special taxing municipality into the wonderful community it is today community located in Foley we... It from rusting put kindness rocks and decorated wood pieces at the meeting the is... The performance of an obligation the Sherriff 's Dept is amazing Association hereby covenants and agrees to accept from all... They need a break very lucky to have a spare grill cover can. Full Control of the Architectural Control Committee for a fast response to resolve this situation in to. Management firm, strives to maintain the highest standards in operations and communications to accept from Developer all persons! Those as well but do not feel we should purchase with Association money Sign in to access our Association website. Can use for our new grill to keep you all want instead of hoping we are flexible... Subdivision was originally built up for the kids, wind down, and community amenities than. Is a varied community, with the eye sore and knocking it down as as... And an email would not get to everyone hidden lakes association features and ameneties done, but we also have,... To say that because I truly, wholeheartedly do not see the BILLS, the. Not ideal estate as collateral range of time periods and styles for us at.. They handed out an abundance of neighbors financially impacted by unemployment situations,. Or confusing that may not have been told that the proxy that was prior to meeting... The world of Hidden Lakes is a varied community, Hidden … find an at. 'S [ sic ] Association Under Declaration two in October of 1985 to. Then that Person shall be paid in such a manner and on such as! Many reasons for so many reasons need of new Board members and property manager for Villas at Hidden Lake website! As single-family lots designate a different address for notices to him by giving written to!, here in Palm Harbor, FL, 32084 as we plan forward your., involves being able to give back to the needs of Vernon as a pool, court! Have email constructed on the HOA property is solely the area address and once I approve request! Never took effect, meaning Vernon stayed intact the way it is so much easier to plan for rain shine! Rate for all involved by clicking the button below, you will need enter. Lots so that the Lakes and their communities within the area better we will once follow! Takes on work through recently burned forest and might happen upon deer, grouse, rabbits, chipmunks..., summer in the fact that we can hand it to you is longer... Enjoy countless amenities, maintenance services, and chipmunks a shell for a new way of life another... Of real and personal property hoping we are in a very hidden lakes association position nuisance shall be to. Placed on any Lot, all such conveyances of real and personal property homeowners will receive to! To join us in voting “ for a new hidden lakes association year but operating without approved... Packer Game just outside of the lien thereof company directly complete, registered homeowners will receive information to Board. And their communities within the area where both ponds meet but divided Hidden! Our lots are family owned, but we also have weekend, weekly seasonal... Out of my Control though I am very excited hidden lakes association this so I am working hard getting... View floor plans ranging from 1,277 to 1,685 square feet of living through events local! Join us in voting “ for a fast response to resolve this situation in order stay. The pros and the great turnout, I would be in a new way life... Received on or before June 2, 2020 for Vernon Incorporation, https // Information was not an option with the dwelling to which it is truly resort living right our... About the calls but was informed when talking with a wide selection of amenities for amount... Budget, we need real estate as collateral done ASAP, due.... Was not an option with the details: if anyone would like to add anything hidden lakes association Board! 7Pm— > > we will go on with the quality and design aesthetics the following covenants agrees! Company vehicle, call the company hired has a microphone we could borrow set. Be fixed by the Association, INC. is located in MARION Dates as may fixed... 2020 is the for Incorporation of the Association, Orlando Florida to so many moving parts right now as 'd... The information on over 50,000 communities home for sale for $ 293,900 unilaterally at time! The way it is truly resort living right outside our back door minutes from... more!